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"Polly is an amazing person to work with. She keeps projects moving and meets deadlines. She also has a very fresh way of looking at things and can develop workable ideas that create inventive videos. Whenever possible, I would definitely hire her on my upcoming projects."

-- Michelle Hammond, Producer

     OnSite Productions

"Prior to Polly, our writers wrote and editors edited. With her skills and willingness, she has blurred those lines and proven to be a valuable asset not just as a writer, but as a producer. She consistently inspires me to think outside of my theoretical box and remain open to new ideas and processes."

-- Antonio Ford-Martinez Sr. Manager, Editorial & Social Media / CTD Digital

"Her attention to detail and persistence in finding​ the right solution to creative challenges sets her apart from her colleagues."

-- Fred Monthei, Producer-Director​

    Cape Cod Creative

"Polly is an excellent director, producer and writer, who can bring complicated concepts to life on the screen!"

-- Sam Hutchison, Operations Manager HVS Advertising-Marketing


 “She brings intelligence, wit, and heart to both professional and personal interactions, and her ability to multitask, absorb, and act on information, and conceptualize solutions to intricate challenges is outstanding.”



-- Willow Aliento, Journalist
 The Fifth Estate

" Polly was the hardest working news director we ever employed. She was a loyal, motivated, intelligent employee and we hated to see her leave."

-- Alice Sabuco Gen. Manager (retired)

            KMB Broadcasting





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